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Black Shakespeare: Paapa Essiedu from Hamlet to Edmund | The Shakespeare blog

On 13 August it was the last performance of the latest production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. Every production of this play is notable, but particularly this … Continue reading

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Quotes • Joan Littlewood | Rogues & Vagabonds

FROM THE ARCHIVE 15th February 2013 ‘With her gap-toothed grin and deep-set eyes, croaky-voiced and always with some sort of cap or bobble hat on her head, she resembled a … Continue reading

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Amazing Vintage Surreal Glamour by photographer Angus McBean | FROM THE BYGONE

Angus McBean (8 June 1904 – 9 June 1990) was a Welsh photographer, set designer and cult figure associated with surrealism. Two figures have prevented McBean from gaining more fame: … Continue reading

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A dance with Gene Kelly | pilar221b

Celebrating Gene Kelly’s 104th birthday. I didn’t want to move or act like a rich man. I wanted to dance in a pair of jeans. I wanted to dance like the … Continue reading

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Constance Cummings Saves an American Bank – Silver Screenings

Here’s a depressing activity: Do an online search of the term “bank run”. In doing so, you’ll likely come across this cheerful tidbit on Investopedia: A bank run occurs when… … Continue reading

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Review: ‘The Colony’ (2015) | Writing Suzanne

Emma Watson is big news currently. It seems that a week doesn’t go by without a mention of her latest film work; the Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer recently … Continue reading

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Liam Rudden: Harsh realities of life on the Fringe – Edinburgh Evening News

WITH week three of the Fringe approaching, there’s a resigned, haunted look behind the forced smiles of many a performer right now. Source: Liam Rudden: Harsh realities of life on … Continue reading

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Actor and campaigner Lord Rix dies aged 92 – BBC News

Disability campaigner and actor Lord Rix, who starred on stage and TV, has died aged 92, his family says. Source: Actor and campaigner Lord Rix dies aged 92 – BBC … Continue reading

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Comedians on meeting their hecklers: ‘I ran upstairs and hid in a cupboard’ | Stage | The Guardian

Sarah Kendall, Mark Watson, Alexei Sayle and other standups recall what happened when they came face to face with their toughest critics after a show… Source: Comedians on meeting their … Continue reading

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The play within a play’s the thing! | MCNY Blog: New York Stories

“The play’s the thing…” William Shakespeare’s Hamlet famously says at the end of Act II, “…wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” For … Source: The play within a … Continue reading

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Pleasance Times · David Benson, star of Boris: World King, talks…

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This vintage photograph features a portrait of a “Florodora Girl”.  You may be wondering “what the heck is a Florodora Girl”? I was asking myself the same question when the … Continue reading

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This vintage real photo postcard features a very beautiful British stage actress named Olive Morrell. She was a successful enough actress to merit having six portraits of her included in … Continue reading

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On *Five Centimeters Per Second* | Clownin’

A film so beautiful, poignant, sad and nostalgic, you wonder why you didn’t watch it sooner. This is NOT sarcasm. Never before has this blog seen anything approved or positively … Continue reading

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Elsie in the movies | The Library Time Machine

This week’s post is based on another recent donation, relating to a former resident of the Borough. We were given a small collection of film stills and publicity photos together … Continue reading

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Britain is a country to which its erstwhile, unsung King of Farce and Champion of the Disabled, Brian Rix, begs to be allowed to bid “Farewell”

Brian [Rix], who elder citizens remember as a comedy actor in Whitehall farces on black and white tv and on stage in the 1960’s and more recently as disability campaigner, … Continue reading

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Churchill’s Secret | Keep Buggering On |

Quick thoughts on PBS’s Churchill’s Secret: It’s June 23, 1953 and 78-year-old British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was entertaining Italian guests at Downing Street at an eve… Source: Churchill’s Secret | … Continue reading

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Denis Norden recalls comedy pioneer early years – BBC News

Denis Norden, 94, is known as the host of It’ll Be Alright on the Night but he also holds an acclaimed status as a radio comedy pioneer, as arts correspondent … Continue reading

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Queen Anna of Denmark, Theater Pioneer & Patron of the Arts

Throughout her reign, Queen Anna of Denmark commissioned and performed in all-female masques that explored complex gender issues of the time. Source: Queen Anna of Denmark, Theater Pioneer & Patron … Continue reading

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Laurence Olivier On Acting ‘John [Gielgud] is a very sweet man, but he seems to say rather more critical things about me than he does about Ralph. He probably wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The perils of being theatre’s next big thing | Stage | The Guardian

Theatre’s obsession with the new is magnified during the Edinburgh fringe. But as well as hunting out fresh talent, we need to ensure that artist development schemes support sustainable careers … Continue reading

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Training at Little Angel Theatre, a first hand account – Little Angel Theatre: The Blog

Meet Isabel Nellie Walters, a young advocate of puppetry. I started learning puppetry seven years ago, when I was eleven, taking part in a short summer course (Islington Summerversity) where … Continue reading

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Beautiful Moira Shearer Dancing in The Red Shoes (1948) | FROM THE BYGONE

The Red Shoes is a 1948 British film about a ballet dancer, written, directed and produced by the team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, known collectively as The Archers. … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Poor Cow’ | Writing Suzanne

British director Ken Loach is probably best known for his second feature film, Kes (1969). Loach also directed the famous TV drama, Cathy Come Home (1966) staring Carol White. Less … Continue reading

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Heavens to Betsy But Moving is Exhausting!

Heavens to Betsy but moving is exhausting, as if we didn’t all know! It’s going to be at least another week or two before I’m back to normal or as … Continue reading

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Brixton Stories and Happy Birthday, Mister Deka D: The Short and Happy Life of Ossic Jones (Modern Plays) “What should I say if they asked me what I thought of … Continue reading

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Norwich’s 1000-Seat Georgian Theatre | Pen and Pension

Before 1750, Norwich was England’s largest and wealthiest city after London. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it already had a long tradition of local theatre performances by that date—too long… … Continue reading

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“I don’t take the movies seriously, and anybody who does is in for a headache,” Bette Davis | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD

Hm… She worked consistently for 58 years in film, radio, and TV (from 1931 to the year of her death in 1989). I think… Source: “I don’t take the movies … Continue reading

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Moving — and all the stress that that entails!

Dear All, This coming week, I shall be moving into my cottage and only sporadically on the internet. I will catch up properly as soon as I can. In the … Continue reading

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Branagh’s Romeo & Juliet, my review – The View From Sari’s World

Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth … Continue reading

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