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London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket goes up for sale | Stage | The Guardian

London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket, which has staged premieres of Oscar Wilde plays and was John Gielgud’s temporary home during the blitz, has been put up for sale by its owners. … Continue reading

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The Toy Theatre Publishers Of Old St

These days the vicinity of Old St is renowned for its digital industries but, for over a hundred years, this area was celebrated as the centre of toy theatre manufacture … Continue reading

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Georgian Theatre Criticism | Pen and Pension

The theatre critic is a fixture in today’s newspapers and it turns out that such people have a long history behind them. Even in Georgian times, people turned to their … Continue reading

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The History Girls: Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons: Hollywood’s Killer Queens by Catherine Hokin

Christmas may be over but for movie buffs, fashion lovers and celebrity spotters, the tinsel is still well and truly sparkling. The Golden Globes, the BAFTAs, the Oscars: awards season … Continue reading

01/25/2017 · 2 Comments

At The Royalty Theatre, Wellclose Sq | Spitalfields Life

In the eighteenth century, vested interests and heavy-handed licensing laws restricted the production of drama outside the Drury Lane, Covent Garden and Haymarket Theatres. These ‘Patent Theatres’ were aggressive in … Continue reading

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Norwich’s 1000-Seat Georgian Theatre | Pen and Pension

Before 1750, Norwich was England’s largest and wealthiest city after London. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it already had a long tradition of local theatre performances by that date—too long… … Continue reading

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Did you know about the origins of the Baddeley Cake? When the 18th century actor Robert Baddeley collapsed and died in his dressing room at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Shakespeare In Ten Acts | the Exhibitionologist

On one of the exhibitionologist’s first forays into exhibition reviewing, back in 2012, I found myself at an exhibition all about William Shakespeare. Hosted by the British Museum and accompa… Source: … Continue reading

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Five Fascinating Facts about David Garrick | Interesting Literature

The life of actor David Garrick (1717-1779), told through five pieces of interesting trivia 1. He helped to bring a new degree of realism to acting. In his An Essay on … Continue reading

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History Hoydens: Travels in England, 1782: The Theatre in the Haymarket

“Last week I went twice to an English play-house.  The first time “The Nabob” was represented, of which the late Mr. Foote was the author, and for the entertainment, a … Continue reading

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Charlotte Charke: Actress, Novelist, and Transvestite

Charlotte Charke seemed to have a hard time defining her career and her sex. Born as a female to actor/playwright and poet laureate Colley Cibber and his wife, musician/actress Katherine … Continue reading

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November 3 in Literary History: French Playwright is Guillotined

1793: Olympe de Gouges [1748-1793] is guillotined in France. A female French playwright, Gouges was also a political campaigner (a feminist and an abolitionist) who fell foul of the Revolutionary … Continue reading

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A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life: A Digest of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Originally posted on  A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life. Richard Brinsley Sheridan is one of my Georgian idols and, since today marks the anniversary of his death, I thought I … Continue reading

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David Garrick In The East End | Spitalfields Life

Originally posted on Spitalfields Life. There are just a few tickets left for the rare opportunity of a tour of the Garrick Club tomorrow, Wednesday 1st July, as part of the … Continue reading

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18th and 19th Century: The Bottle Conjurer of 1749

Originally posted on 18th and 19th Century. On January 16, 1749, at the New Theater in Haymarket, an anonymous person known as the “Bottle Conjurer” was to perform a variety of … Continue reading

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Mrs Siddons as Cordelia in King Lear • 1797

– Playbill for King Lear at The Theatre, Birmingham (17th July 1797) with Mrs. Sarah Siddons as Cordelia. Don’t you just love the titles of the other productions on the bill: The … Continue reading

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History Hoydens: Travels in Englandc 1782: The Theatre in the Haymarket

This week Mr. Moritz shares his opinions and observations on a trip to the theatre (and most unpleasant it sounds, too): “Last week I went twice to an English play-house.  The … Continue reading

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