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Houdini at famous Wizard’s grave | kinneretstern

Source: Houdini at famous Wizard’s grave | kinneretstern Houdini at the grave of John Henry Anderson, Wizard of the North, Aberdeen, Scotland. 1914. Houdini traveled there because of his love of … Continue reading

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Hedy Lamarr 101

Hedy Lamarr was once called the “most beautiful woman in the world” — and she was damn smart too. Born [9th November] in 1914, she was a talented actress, who … Continue reading

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The Memories of August 1914 • Royal de Luxe • Liverpool

Originally posted on 14-18 Now The world-renowned street theatre company Royal de Luxe retells the story of the famous Liverpool Pals Battalions, the young men who volunteered alongside their next-door neighbours, family members and … Continue reading

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