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Quote • GWYNETH PALTROW • Confidence

‘Everybody can’t wait for me to fail, because I am supposed to have this perfect life, which is complete nonsense… I’m really f***ing good at my job, and people who … Continue reading

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Extract • SO YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR? • Prunella Scales & Timothy West

Text by Prunella Scales : Text by Timothy West This is an exclusive extract from So You Want To Be An Actor? [pp52-60], courtesy of its authors, Prunella Scales & Timothy West, and Nick … Continue reading

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Quote • Janet McTeer • Confidence

‘Put a note on your mirror saying: “Someone has to succeed – why shouldn’t it be me?”’ Janet McTeer, The Guardian, 30 January 2007.

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The one where Rachel rattles the teacups

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It’s Rachel with a “sh”, not Rachel with a “ch”. Her full name was Elisa-Rachel Félix, but she was known to everyone by her professional…

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Don’t be an actor, my son, not even a comical one

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AN ACTOR’S TRAGEDY “Though the world is so full of a number things, I know we should all be as happy as….” from ‘Make ’em…

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Singer, Actress, Teacher and Author Anne Johnston-Brown Q&A @AJohnstonbrown

Originally posted on Lit World Interviews:
RW: Anne, Fitness Video Queen, Vocal Diva, Comedic Legend and author. Is there anything you can’t do? ANNE: Haha. Well, Diva maybe… but Legend?…

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In this world and the next: a tragedy of gender and celebrity

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“Perhaps in the next world women will be more valued than they are in this.” SARAH SIDDONS (1755 – 1831) Part Eight: Out of clay…

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In this world and the next: a tragedy of gender and celebrity

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
“Perhaps in the next world women will be more valued than they are in this.” SARAH SIDDONS (1755 – 1831)  Fanny Kemble (1809 – 1893)…

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The Prophetess and the Muse

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Part Four of ROMANTIC FICTIONS AND CASUALTIES Shortly after the death of the Tragic Muse’s eldest daughter, in the same year of 1803, the artist…

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Quote • STANLEY HOLLOWAY • My Fair Lady

Stanley Holloway [1890-1982] appeared on Broadway with Rex Harrison [1908-1990] in My Fair Lady in 1957. Harrison had a reputation for being very abrupt with his fans. One night after a performance of the … Continue reading

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Quote • MARIE DRESSLER • Rubbing Elbows with Life

“In order to represent life on the stage, we must rub elbows with life, live ourselves.” —Marie Dressler [Brainy Quotes]

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Top Greek Films

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LYNDA BELLINGHAM: ‘Oxo Mum’ only weeks to live

British television actress Lynda Bellingham, famed for playing the matriarch of a Sunday roast-loving family in the Oxo advertisements of the 1980s to the 1990s, has revealed that she is suffering from terminal cancer and has only a…

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Quote • Paul Henreid on Acting

“I never felt Lee Strasberg could act, and I fail to see how someone who can’t act can teach acting.” Paul Henreid, IMdb

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“I don’t want to try and define those periods when I am not working as an actor by saying I did this or that, but I believe that during those … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • Geraldine James • 2004

Geraldine James is one of our most treasured actresses. In 1978, she made a remarkable impression playing a young deaf girl in Dummy, a television drama directed by Franc Roddam in which she … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • KATE O’MARA • 2008

Many people imagine that actors are just like their onstage characters. While this may be true in some instances, there’s no getting away from the fact that some are as … Continue reading

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Bill Nighy interview: “You don’t have to be creative to be an actor” | Big Issue

via Bill Nighy interview: “You don’t have to be creative to be an actor” Big Issue . Bill Nighy defends his support for the Robin Hood tax – and debunks some … Continue reading

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Temping and Acting

Originally posted on susanharrisoncharacters:
I did some temping once. Filling in for two ladies who were off to have High Tea as a treat for working at their company for…

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Rogues & Vagabonds Daily

Rogues & Vagabonds Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Out_of_Joint @ActOnThisTV @NTSonline

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Archive Interview • Hugh Bonneville • 2004

Hugh Bonneville is not only a sublime actor but a charming and erudite chap with a fine line in drollery. He sounds a little wary at the start of our telephone … Continue reading

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Quote • Sheila Hancock • Acting

“It really is like an illness, I can’t give it up… It’s a ludicrous way to live.” Sheila Hancock, Stand-ups and Strumpets, Radio 4. 20-3-01 Originally published on Rogues & Vagabonds … Continue reading

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Quote • Glenda Jackson • Acting

“Acting is not very hard. The most important things are to be able to laugh and cry. If I have to cry, I think of my sex life. And if … Continue reading

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