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She was absolutely beautiful, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen… | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD

Myrna Loy grew up in Los Angeles and when she was a teenager she posed for this statue outside the old Venice High School. Around the same age, she was … Continue reading

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The Bush Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush, London. | reviewdonkey

The Bush Theatre has just had a big refurbishment. The first thing you notice when you arrive on a warm sunny evening is the new terrace and bar. It is … Continue reading

06/25/2017 · 5 Comments

‘Trump death’ in Julius Caesar prompts threats to wrong theatres – BBC News

Several US theatres with Shakespeare in their name receive abusive messages in an apparent mix-up. Source: ‘Trump death’ in Julius Caesar prompts threats to wrong theatres – BBC News

06/20/2017 · 6 Comments

R.I.P. Frank Delaney – charles french words reading and writing

The literary world lost an important figure in late February. Frank Delaney, (October 29, 1942-February 21, 2017) the novelist and historian from Ireland, died at the age of 74. Delaney, … Continue reading

03/05/2017 · 2 Comments

A dance with Gene Kelly | pilar221b

Celebrating Gene Kelly’s 104th birthday. I didn’t want to move or act like a rich man. I wanted to dance in a pair of jeans. I wanted to dance like the … Continue reading

08/24/2016 · 8 Comments

Archive Interview • ANNA CALDER-MARSHALL • The Importance of Being Earnest @ Oxford Playhouse • 2005

Anna Calder-Marshall knows she has it all. Not because she loves playing Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest under Erica Whyman’s direction at Oxford Playhouse — though she … Continue reading

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Does ‘the Phantom of the Auteur’ Haunt French Cinema?

The haunting presence of the auteur has long loomed over the French film industry; it was in France itself that the auteur theory as a major film discussion was first … Continue reading

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The Paramount Theater in Black and White | Laura Macky Photography

Today I took my camera club to the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California.  The Paramount Theatre is a 3,040 seat Art Deco movie theater built in 1931, and it was … Continue reading

01/24/2016 · 6 Comments

December 15th: The Nutcracker scenery by Konstantin Ivanov | A Scholarly Skater

Above and below are scenic sketches for the first-ever production of the now-classic ballet The Nutcracker, which was originally staged in 1892 at the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia. … Continue reading

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“Either the camera will dance, or I will.” Fred Astaire | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD

“Either the camera will dance, or I will.” Fred Astaire | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD.

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Happy Birthday, Buster!

Originally posted on Font and Frock:
Buster Keaton, one of my favourite creative geniuses, was born on 4 October 1895. I made a little slideshow in honor of his 120th…

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Favorite direction, ever, “Good. Do it again, and this time make it something resembling human behavior.” David Fincher. Fabulous! Happy birthday!

BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD View original post

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Life in Squares

Originally posted on Culture and Anarchy:
Watching ‘Life in Squares’, the new BBC drama about the Bloomsbury set, is a matter of watching people self-consciously try to be unconventional, which…

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Artistic Interpretations of The Tempest: #4-‘Ariel and Caliban’ by William Bell Scott

Originally posted on A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.:
The Tempest is one of my favourite William Shakespeare plays. I thought that it would be fun to…

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Artistic Interpretations of The Tempest: #3-‘Ferdinand and Miranda’ by Edward Reginald Frampton

Originally posted on A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.:
The Tempest is my favourite William Shakespeare play. I thought that it would be fun to share, in…

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Miss Flora Robson Has a Secret…

Mary Elizabeth Braddon‘s sensational 1862 novel, Lady Audley’s Secret, was first adapted for the stage in 1863. In 1930, Tyrone Guthrie [1900-1971] produced a version for the Cambridge Festival Theatre with Flora Robson as … Continue reading

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A Movie is a Movie, by Darrell Ron Tuffs

Originally posted on A World of Film:
Jean-Luc Godard’s A Woman is a Woman (1961) opens like a grand theatre production, as we, the audience, are sat surrounded by darkness,…

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The one where Rachel rattles the teacups

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
It’s Rachel with a “sh”, not Rachel with a “ch”. Her full name was Elisa-Rachel Félix, but she was known to everyone by her professional…

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The Daily Retro: Anna May Wong Movie Poster

Originally posted on The Müscleheaded Blog:
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The Prophetess and the Muse

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
Part Four of ROMANTIC FICTIONS AND CASUALTIES Shortly after the death of the Tragic Muse’s eldest daughter, in the same year of 1803, the artist…

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Top Greek Films

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Taking Tea with Clara Butt

Originally posted on First Night Design:
Taking Tea with Clara Butt was created in response to a challenge from the RedBubble group, Music of the Spirit, the only rules being that…

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End of the Fairy Tale

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
There was a torture chamber hidden under the fairytale palaces, those vanishing flower-garlanded places where laughing, well-fed putti carry on playing long after the people,…

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Theatres of Power

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
It was not the artist’s fault that the real king rode into the picture of himself and never came out. Charles I with M. de…

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