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A Guide to Theater Etiquette the New York Way

I couldn’t have put it better myself! I am a dyed-in-the-ethically-sourced-sustainable-cashmere coastal lefty elitist. I am strenuously inclusionary and empathetic to a fault. I apologize to inanimate objects when I … Continue reading

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Quote • LYN GARDNER • Audiences

There is an undoubted pleasure in watching a classic play unfold to an unknowing audience. I once saw Hedda Gabler in a regional theatre where it was clear from the … Continue reading

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‘If the audience were indeed entitled to know about elements that might alarm, distress or offend them, why should this be restricted to effects? No show is perfect, and shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Richard Jordan: Is this the worst West End audience ever? | Opinion, Picks | The Stage

Have West End theatre audiences sunk to a new low? Attending the final Friday evening performance of Doctor Faustus starring Kit Harington at the Duke of Yo… Source: Richard Jordan: Is this … Continue reading

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A Woman Brought Her Autistic Son To The Theater. How One Actor Responded Is Going Viral

“I am angry and sad. Just got off stage from today’s matinee and yes, something happened. Someone brought their autistic child to the theater. That being said – this post … Continue reading

02/12/2016 · 6 Comments

Broadway Star Makes Passionate Post After Child With Autism ‘Disrupts’ Show | The Mighty

On Wednesday, September 23, Kelvin Moon Loh left work feeling upset. Loh is an actor in Rodgers and Hammerstien’s “The King And I” at Lincoln Center Theater in New York … Continue reading

09/29/2015 · 1 Comment

Thought for the Day • IS THIS A DAGGER…? or NO BLUES FOR SPACEY • 2006

‘Fresh from my triumph last week in advocating that influential restaurant critics should be compelled to dine at an establishment twice before writing their reviews, I’m grateful to The Old … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • CORIN REDGRAVE • Pericles • 2005

As you may have seen in the news [2005], the actor Corin Redgrave is in a critical condition in hospital after suffering a heart attack while speaking in support of … Continue reading

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Broadway’s ‘Hand to God’ Cell Phone Offender: ‘I Downed a Few Drinks’

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Seeing differently

Originally posted on New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood:
Every so often, something is published online that radiates such ill feeling I take the self-preserving decision to pretend it doesn’t exist.…

08/09/2014 · 1 Comment

A duty of care

Originally posted on New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood:
I’ve spent a lot of this year – not least on this blog – arguing that theatre-makers could be more considerate of…

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