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Quote • KATHLEEN TURNER • Auditions

What’s your best advice for auditions? Be brave, risk it. What I tell my students is, if you go through an audition and they say, ‘No, but thank you very much’, … Continue reading

06/28/2018 · 6 Comments

From Game of Thrones to The Crown: the woman who turns actors into stars | News | The Guardian

Earlier this year, the casting director Nina Gold sat at the back of the stalls of the Criterion theatre in the West End and watched a group of students from … Continue reading

05/24/2018 · 2 Comments

Typecast as a terrorist | Riz Ahmed | The Long Read | World news | The Guardian

The Long Read: As my acting career developed, I was no longer cast as a radical Muslim – except at the airport Source: Typecast as a terrorist | Riz Ahmed … Continue reading

09/18/2016 · 4 Comments

8 Different Ways To Sabotage Your Own Audition  – The Happy Performer

1. Take ALL your bags in with you.  I know we’re always told, take you’re entire rep, shoes and a ‘Complete Works of Shakespeare’ but do not saddle all that … Continue reading

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Quote • NOEL COWARD • Auditions

‘My bearing was a blend of assurance and professional vivacity; the fact that my bowels were as water I hope was not apparent to anybody.’ Noël Coward on auditions in Present … Continue reading

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