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Barry Humphries on Trump, transgender ‘rat-baggery’ and causing maximum offence | The Spectator

‘I’m an amateur,’ Barry Humphries tells me. The Australian polymath uses the word in its older sense of ‘enthusiast’ rather than ‘bungler’ and he feels no need to point out … Continue reading

07/25/2018 · 2 Comments

Benedict Cumberbatch stuns theatregoers with anti-government speech

I can hear them now: “Lock him in the Tower!” Good for Cumberbatch. I applaud him. However, he now needs to do the same for the people of Britain whose … Continue reading

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The outrageous fortune of Benedict Cumberbatch | Stage | The Guardian

Originally posted on The Guardian. Twenty years ago, while he was still at school, Benedict Cumberbatch had his first chance to star in Hamlet. But, remembers Harrow drama teacher Martin Tyrell, … Continue reading

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