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Losing its edge: the precise point Peaky Blinders peaked | Television & radio | The Guardian

I agree entirely with this overall assessment of Peaky Blinders by Guardian writer Stuart Jeffries. Peaky Blinders tore up the playbook from its first scene, when Cillian Murphy rode into shot … Continue reading


Mrs Siddons as Cordelia in King Lear • 1797

– Playbill for King Lear at The Theatre, Birmingham (17th July 1797) with Mrs. Sarah Siddons as Cordelia. Don’t you just love the titles of the other productions on the bill: The … Continue reading

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Roll up, roll up…a visit from the Great United States Circus

Originally posted on Notes from 19th Century Birmingham:
Life in Victorian Birmingham could be a hard slog but scanning the notices in local newspapers of the day reveals a great…

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Peaky Blinders – Madame Guillotine

I don’t watch much television (and when I do, it is never live so I’m always a bit behind anyway) so I’m terribly late to the Peaky Blinders party. However, … Continue reading

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