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Happy 138th Birthday Bela Lugosi

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 138th birthday of Bela Lugosi.  Make the time to watch any of his films, understand his artistry.  He is truly one of the greats. …


Judi Dench | The Old Vic | Happy Birthday!

‘The girl with the week’s biggest break’ Dame Judi Dench returned to The Old Vic 60 years after she made her professional stage debut as Ophelia at 22. She discusses … Continue reading

12/09/2017 · 3 Comments

Gone With The Wind’s Olivia de Havilland breaks silence on sibling rivalry as she turns 100 | Daily Mail Online

Gone With The Wind’s Olivia de Havilland, who turns 100 on Friday, has finally broken her silence on Hollywood’s most famous sibling rivalry. Source: Gone With The Wind’s Olivia de … Continue reading

09/09/2016 · 5 Comments

Happy 100th Birthday Olivia de Havilland | Waldina

Today is the 100th birthday of one of the last living actors/actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood and the last living actor from the film Gone With The Wind:  Olivia de … Continue reading

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Happy 86th Birthday Lorraine Hansberry

NAME: Lorraine Hansberry OCCUPATION: Playwright BIRTH DATE: May 19, 1930 DEATH DATE: January 12, 1965 EDUCATION: University of Wisconsin, Art Institute of Chicago, Roosevelt University New School ,… Source: Happy … Continue reading

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Happy 120th Birthday Frank Capra | Waldina

Today is the 120th birthday of the man who directed unarguably some of the classic of classic films from the golden age of Hollywood:  Frank Capra.  With a Capra film, … Continue reading

05/18/2016 · 2 Comments

Happy 83rd Birthday Jean-Paul Belmondo | Waldina

Today is the 83rd birthday of the crown prince of the French New Wave (Nouvelle Vague) film movement: Jean-Paul Belmondo. Eschewing the popular subject matters and film making methods, the … Continue reading

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Happy 144th Birthday Sergei Diaghilev

Today is the 144th birthday of the ballet dancer and founder of Ballets Russes, Sergei Diaghilev. To be able to see those performances in the 1920s Paris with collaborations between … Continue reading

03/31/2016 · 3 Comments

Happy 129th Birthday Chico Marx | Waldina

Today is the 129th birthday of the oldest Marx Brother:  Chico Marx. The world is a better place because he is in it and still feels the loss that he … Continue reading

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On This Day • Jean Racine Born in 1639

“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” ― Jean Racine On this day in 1639 the French playwright, Jean Racine, was born. He … Continue reading

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Armin Mueller-Stahl is 85 Today

Armin Mueller-Stahl is one of my favourite actors so I could not let the day pass without acknowledging his birthday. Armin Mueller-Stahl was born in Tilsit, East Prussia (now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad … Continue reading

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Happy 115th Birthday Agnes Moorehead

Today is Agnes Moorehead‘s 115th birthday.  Everyone loves her amazing over-the-top scenery-chewing performance as Endora on Bewitched. She was fierce before fierce was fierce. You should also watch Citizen Kane … Continue reading

12/06/2015 · 2 Comments

Happy 100th Birthday Arthur Miller

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright Arthur Miller’s 100th birthday.  You have seen “Death of a Salesman” and “The Crucible.”  How could you have not seen some version? …

10/18/2015 · 2 Comments

Happy Birthday, Robert Shaw!

My mother, Benedicta Leigh, was at RADA at the same time as Robert Shaw. I don’t think they took to each other particularly! Peter Barkworth, also in the same year, … Continue reading

08/10/2015 · 2 Comments

Happy 123rd Birthday William Powell

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 123rd birthday of the actor William Powell.  I adore his performances in the Thin Man films and My Man Godfrey.  His mid-century mid-atlantic accent…

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Happy Birthday, Robert Stephens!

Superb actor.

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Happy 64th Birthday Anjelica Huston

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 64rd birthday of Anjelica Huston.  Third generation Academy Award winner? That is heritage. She is all angles and attitude, cheeks and confidence. Her…

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Happy Birthday, Errol Flynn!

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Happy 124th Birthday Cole Porter

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 124th birthday of the composer who wrote the songs “I Get a Kick Out of You,” “You’re the Top,” and “Let’s Do It, Let’s…

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Happy Birthday, Laurence Olivier!

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Happy Birthday, Daniel Day-Lewis!

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Happy Birthday Jack Lemmon

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is Jack Lemmon’s 90th birthday.  Throughout his career, he turned in consistently top notch performances and made his “every man” persona so desirable.  Watch him with…

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Happy Birthday Paul Newman

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 90th birthday of Paul Newman.  I think (at least hope) that we all have a similar desire for our life, a sort of State…

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The Thin Man – Not So Secret Obsession

Originally posted on Waldina:
I adore The Thin Man films, their snappy dialogue delivered at break-neck speed, their sets and cinematography, their clothes, everything.  It is the period in Hollywood…

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Happy Birthday Marcel Marceau

Originally posted on Waldina:
NAME: Marcel Marceau OCCUPATION: Actor, Artist BIRTH DATE: March 22, 1923 DEATH DATE: September 22, 2007 EDUCATION: Ecole des Beaux-Arts PLACE OF BIRTH: Strasbourg, France PLACE…

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