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Stars of Vaudeville #1037: Charles Chaplin, Sr. | Travalanche

Born on this date in 1863: Charles Chaplin the Elder: the father of his better-known namesake, comedian and movie star Charlie Chaplin. It’s not as well known today that in … Continue reading

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This vintage real photo postcard features celebrated stage actress Miss Lily Elsie (1886-1962). At the time of her portrait sitting for this image, Miss Elsie was also known as “Mrs. … Continue reading

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Quote • DAVID NIVEN • Acting

“Can you imagine being wonderfully overpaid for dressing up and playing games?” – David Niven, actor, novelist, English Source: “Can you imagine being wonderfully overpaid for dressing up and playing … Continue reading

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Underrated actresses | beetleypete

I know that it is correct to refer to actresses as ‘female actors’ these days, or just the plain ‘actor’, with no reference to gender. However, for the purposes of … Continue reading

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“You’ve got to have steel in you somewhere.” — Alan Bates, actor, English Source: “You’ve got to have steel in you somewhere.” – Art of Quotation

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Quote • OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND • Life and Death

“If I must at some time leave this life, I would like to do so ensconced on a chaise longue, perfumed, wearing a velvet robe and pearl earrings, with a … Continue reading

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Britain is a country robbed by Alzheimer’s of its great, theatre stage, set designer, John Gunter

John Gunter, who has died aged 77, nine years after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, was responsible for the look of some of the most memorable shows in 20th Century British theatre, where … Continue reading

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Oscar-Winner Sandy Powell Costumes The Stars : NPR

British costumer Sandy Powell already has three Oscars, and now she’s been nominated for two more. This year she’s up twice for best costume design: one for Cinderella — with … Continue reading

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Vintage Postcard Humor: Big Parts | The Müscleheaded Blog

Photo post. Source: Vintage Postcard Humor: Big Parts | The Müscleheaded Blog

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The History of Pantomime (Christmas History 19) | Windows into History

Yesterday’s Christmas History included a quote from John Bull and his Island, by the fabulous French author Max O’Rell, published in 1883.  In the same book he writes about Christmas … Continue reading

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British stage actress, Cissy Grahame is the subject of this portrait by the famed London photographic studio W. & D. Downey. She looks quite beautiful in her lace scarf and … Continue reading

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On this day: the premiere of Fawlty Towers

Originally posted on In Times Gone By…:
The iconic British comedy, Fawlty Towers, had its premiere on the 19th of September 1975.

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Quotes & Snippets • Ernest Thesiger

The British stage and screen actor Ernest Thesiger was certainly quite a character. He originally studied at the Slade School of Art but settled on acting instead of painting. His great hobby was needlework, … Continue reading

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Look Back At Me

Originally posted on yadadarcyyada:
Look Back. Look back at me. Have you ever thought, said, or wanted to say this as someone walked, drove, or flew away? On this Labour…

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BBC News – Allo Allo star Sam Kelly dies at 70

British actor Sam Kelly, best known for his roles in Allo Allo and Porridge, has died at the age of 70. The Manchester-born star’s agent Lynda Ronan said Kelly died … Continue reading

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