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Pass the popcorn: a brief introduction to cinemas | Heritage Calling

Film was first shown in Britain in 1896 in temporary fairground booths and converted shops – so-called ‘penny gaffs’ or theatre ‘turns’. What followed was an endless love affair between … Continue reading

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Victim (dir. Basil Dearden) 1961 | reviewdonkey

Victim is a classic movie in so many different ways. It is a great representative of the black and white, crime thriller, genre of the early 1960s. The storyline is … Continue reading

07/21/2017 · 2 Comments

“I made mistakes… I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.” – Art of Quotation

“I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.” — Frank Capra, director, filmmaker, cinema, film, American Source: “I made … Continue reading

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The Essential Marilyn Monroe films – If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History

The world would truly be a dull place without the extraordinary charisma and talent of American actress and model Marilyn Monroe, born on June 1st 1926, at the Los Angeles … Continue reading

06/12/2017 · 3 Comments

The Country Doctor (2016) | CineMuseFilms

To urban eyes, the rural doctor stereotype is a walking museum of what village medicine used to look like in bygone days. French filmmakers excel in portraying this endangered species … Continue reading

05/27/2017 · 1 Comment

The Zookeeper’s Wife (2016) | CineMuseFilms

The diversity of Holocaust-themed movies has increased over recent years as filmmakers try different storytelling approaches to keep alive our collective memory of what happened. One film that has divided … Continue reading

05/15/2017 · 3 Comments

Jasper Jones (2017) | CineMuseFilms

A coming-of-age, thriller and rom-com mashup that looks at dysfunctional lives in an Aussie country town. Source: Jasper Jones (2017) | CineMuseFilms

03/09/2017 · 6 Comments

The Essential John Ford Films. – If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History

Hollywood film director John Ford was born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on February 1st 1894 and died on August 31st 1973, at the age of 79. He is best remembered … Continue reading

02/24/2017 · 3 Comments

‘I, Daniel Blake’ – A review, an observation on the audience reaction and a ‘thank you’ to Ken Loach. | Christopher John Ball

I’ve always loved cinemas. I’m drawn to them. They are places of comfort. It stems from an early age. I much prefer the old picture palaces over the current industrial prefabs, but any … Source: … Continue reading

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“…an audience should not be conscious of technique.” – Art of Quotation

“It is the director’s job to make [film] appear real… an audience should not be conscious of technique.” – David Lean, English, director Source: “…an audience should not be conscious … Continue reading

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Just been watching…(20) | beetleypete

Fury (2014) ***No real spoilers. But it is about WW2, so you know that the Germans lost*** This is a modern war film that is a lot like many not-so-modern … Continue reading

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Underrated actresses | beetleypete

I know that it is correct to refer to actresses as ‘female actors’ these days, or just the plain ‘actor’, with no reference to gender. However, for the purposes of … Continue reading

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“I have formulated my own directing style … without any unnecessary imitation of others” – Art of Quotation

“I have formulated my own directing style in my head, proceeding without any unnecessary imitation of others” — Yasujiro Ozu, Japanese, director, film director, screenwriter, cine… Source: “I have formulated … Continue reading

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Spielberg’s journey of empathy, Part II: “Schindler’s List.” |

This is Part II in my projected four-part series on the cinema of Steven Spielberg, and specifically Spielberg’s journey as a director, an American and a Jew, primarily through the … Continue reading

12/27/2015 · 2 Comments

Willkommen, again: “Cabaret” and its renewed relevance.

“Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome…” These words, sung by Joel Grey, open the classic 1972 musical/drama film Cabaret, directed by Bob Fosse, which is based on the 1966 Broadway musical, itself based on … Continue reading

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My DVD films: Another stack

Originally posted on beetleypete:
Six more films, lifted from a middle stack this time, and containing a varied selection once again. This has also shown me how many times I…

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Top Greek Films

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First Night Design | Tallulah Bankhead — “pure as the driven slush”

Originally posted on First Night Design:
New in my vintage store is this wonderful black & white portrait of Tallulah Bankhead. Tallulah Bankhead 1902–1968 © First Night Vintage “I’m as pure…

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The British New Wave: 5 Movies About Gritty Brits – CURNBLOG

Originally posted on CURNBLOG. Before 1960, most films about the British working people showed them in a patronising, if affectionate way. They always worked hard, paid their bills, and endured hardship … Continue reading

06/18/2014 · 2 Comments

My Man Godfrey – Required Viewing

Originally posted on waldina:
William Powell and Carole Lombard are genius in this 1936 film.  It really must be one of my favorites.  You can watch the entire movie below…

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Happy Birthday Agnes Moorehead

Originally posted on waldina:
Today is Agnes Moorehead’s 113th birthday.  Everyone loves her amazing over-the-top scenery-chewing performance as Endora on Bewitched. She was fierce before fierce was fierce. You should…

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