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MABEL IN LONDON TOWN | thekeystonegirlblogs

It was in June 1922 that Mabel departed the shores of the United States for her European tour, which would begin in Southampton, England. Of course, she wasn’t the first … Continue reading


O’Gorman Brothers

Joe O’Gorman the Irish Comedian was born in Dublin on May 24th, 1863. Attaining a local reputation as a dancer and singer he resolved to try his luck in England … Continue reading

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Outrage As Churchill’s Home becomes Hitler’s Headquarters For Movie

Originally posted on First Night History:
War veterans are aghast that Blenheim Palace will double as Hitler’s headquarters for Michael Bay’s latest film.The transformation of Winston Churchill’s former home into the…

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Shakespeare’s “kitchen” discovered during archaeological dig | Ancientfoods

Original Article: November 27, 2015 Historic finds unveiled during dig at Shakespeare’s family home New Place, in Stratford-upon-Avon. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has today announced that significant new findings … Continue reading

03/15/2016 · 2 Comments

Happy 90th Birthday Peter Sellers

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 90th birthday of the comedic actor Peter Sellers.  You know him from the hilarious Pink Panther films and Dr. Strangelove, but if you…

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Originally posted on THE CABINET CARD GALLERY:
The beautiful woman pictured in this Cabinet card is stage actress, Florence Collingbourne. Obtaining significant biographical information about her has been difficult and…

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Vera Violetta: Cora Urquhart Brown-Potter

Originally posted on Vera Violetta. Cora Urquhart Brown-Potter (1857–1936), was one of the first American society women to become a stage actress. Mary Cora Urquhart was born in 1857 at New … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 101st birthday of Vivien Leigh.  Absolutely everyone has seen her amazing performance in Gone With The Wind and fell in love with her…

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Look Back At Me

Originally posted on yadadarcyyada:
Look Back. Look back at me. Have you ever thought, said, or wanted to say this as someone walked, drove, or flew away? On this Labour…

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The British New Wave: 5 Movies About Gritty Brits – CURNBLOG

Originally posted on CURNBLOG. Before 1960, most films about the British working people showed them in a patronising, if affectionate way. They always worked hard, paid their bills, and endured hardship … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • DAYS OF SIGNIFICANCE • Tricycle Theatre • 2008

Iraq is fast becoming a tool of preference for writers who cannot resist joining the crowds to sound off their support or condemnation of the war. With the five-year anniversary … Continue reading

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Quote • Dame Peggy Ashcroft • Instinct

“Acting is a mysterious business, so complicated, so tender a subject, there are no rules, and I think one works instinctively.” Dame Peggy Ashcroft [1907-1991] New York Times’ obituary 15 June 1991. Originally … Continue reading

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