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Britain is a country to which its erstwhile, unsung King of Farce and Champion of the Disabled, Brian Rix, begs to be allowed to bid “Farewell”

Brian [Rix], who elder citizens remember as a comedy actor in Whitehall farces on black and white tv and on stage in the 1960’s and more recently as disability campaigner, … Continue reading

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Archive Review • WHERE THERE’S A WILL • Richmond Theatre [tour] • 2003

The French have always believed that a little sexual shenanigans outside marriage is a Frenchman’s right. Georges Feydeau made exquisite use of this accepted double standard in his farces one … Continue reading

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Quote • Carlo Goldoni on his own plays

“Good, but not yet Molière.” Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793) idolised the French writer and often commented on his own successful comedies with this remark. Originally published on … Continue reading

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