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‘This is the best moment of my life,’ he said, lying in the bath: Ian Holm remembered | Film | The Guardian

  That sense of emotional ruthlessness was what made him such a brilliant Lear Richard Eyre Ian Holm was, as it was so often said, the actor’s actor. Not because … Continue reading


Obituary: Ian Holm – BBC News

Sir Ian Holm was the consummate supporting actor, happy to let others bask in the limelight of stardom. He built his career in the theatre with the Royal Shakespeare Company, … Continue reading


Harold Pinter: The Bobbing of Egos

Interview with Harold Pinter Conducted by James Grissom 1997 Most people are not talented. This is true of the world in general, and this is true of the theatrical world … Continue reading

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‘This week I passed a personal-development landmark, because after trying once a decade for 30 years, I finally stayed awake all the way through a Harold Pinter play. I’m so … Continue reading

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“No Man’s Land” by Harold Pinter #Theatre – The Last Island

I saw the original — can it really be forty years ago? — with John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and Terence Rigby. I didn’t much care for the play but I … Continue reading

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Quote • PINTER and NO MAN’S LAND • Janet Street-Porter

‘No Man’s Land is a monumental waste of talent. [The play] is more than 30 years old and hasn’t worn well…. you leave the theatre repeating just two words: “what?” … Continue reading

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Archive Review • NO MAN’S LAND • Duke of York’s Theatre • 2008

Spooner: You are in no man’s land. Which never moves, which never changes, which never grows older, but which remains forever, icy and silent. Hirst: I’ll drink to that. With … Continue reading

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“I think the image of actors as children, narcissistic and vain, is quite inaccurate. They’re very hard-working people, people with considerable imagination and intelligence on the whole. As a body … Continue reading

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Look Back in Languor • Lynne Harvey • 14 June 2006

Whilst preparing something disgusting in the kitchen last week, I was taken out of the TV fugue of knifings, bombings and DIY SOS, by film dialogue so good it made … Continue reading

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Look Back in Languor • Lynne Harvey • 10 October 2001

It surely has to be some of the best TV in years. Oh the tears! The heartache! The anger! The hilarity! All to be found in the follow up to … Continue reading

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Archive Review • TOSCA’S KISS • Orange Tree Theatre • 2006

You would think by now that Nuremberg as a subject would have reached saturation point. We’ve read the books, seen the films, eaves-dropped on the accused being cross-examined courtesy of … Continue reading

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Archive Review • BETRAYAL • Duchess Theatre • 2003

This dim, inert and unsexy production of Pinter’s famous and frequently revived play from 1978, is unfit for the West End Theatre and a disappointment after the same company’s widely … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Eater – Sunset Boulevard

Originally posted on Sunset Boulevard Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, the creepy nursery rhyme from which the title of this film is derived, is … Continue reading

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Archive • Quotes • Arts Council Irresponsibility • 2008

‘For thirty-five years, The Bush Theatre has discovered, developed and presented distinctive playwrights, whose work gives an extraordinary account of contemporary Britain and our changing world. Arts Council England’s proposed cut would seriously … Continue reading

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