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The Stage – News – Coronavirus: ‘Theatre is to UK what Venice is to Italy’ – Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren has become the latest high-profile figure to call for major investment to prevent the arts from collapsing.She follows the likes of Judi Dench, who appeared on Channel 4 … Continue reading


Helen Mirren, interview: ‘I always hated sex scenes’

Helen Mirren saunters into a Venetian garden in the midday sunshine. Sporting a bright yellow skirt, purple nail polish and rainbow-coloured cardigan, she’s here to talk up her latest movie … Continue reading

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Quote • HELEN MIRREN • Looks

Helen Mirren would rather not be the poster woman for ageing gracefully. In fact, she’s “a bit cross” that she’s been getting so much attention for her looks in recent years. … Continue reading

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“He aspires to the soul rather than the character. He has no sense of personal ambition. He’s one of our great, great actors. We’re lucky to have him.” Helen Mirren … Continue reading

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Helen Mirren Holds Her Own (and Then Some) in a Cringe-Inducingly Sexist TV Interview, 1975 | Open Culture

Yes, she may only be famous for being rich and famous—not a particularly admirable cultural achievement. But, “and this is the big word: B-U-T-T-,” says Helen Mirren, “it’s wonderful that … Continue reading

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“Eye in the Sky”. . . . . . film review | TalesAlongTheWay

Dame Helen Mirren gave another stellar performance, though steely cold but  quite  appropriate as her role as a  Colonel in the British Armed Forces. The suspense of this film  is … Continue reading

04/25/2016 · 2 Comments

Did You Know…? REFUSING HONOURS • 2004

‘I’m putting the phone down now, goodbye,’ said Alan Bennett when, following the leaked document that revealed last month that many notable people in various fields had turned down honours … Continue reading

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Archive Feature • ALAN BATES • 2003

‘I don’t know if he’s a Sir or not, but if not, he should be,’ said Helen Mirren when being interviewed about Gosford Park in the New York Post early … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • IAN RICHARDSON • Part I • 2006

The Creeper and the Critics “As you’ve probably noticed, I just have to be given a little cube of sugar like a racehorse and I go,” says Ian Richardson twenty … Continue reading

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‘Fun Home,’ ‘Curious Incident,’ Helen Mirren Win Big at 2015 Tony Awards

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QUOTES…from Helen Mirren

Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
“I don’t believe that if you do good, good things will happen. Everything is completely accidental and random. Sometimes good things happen to very good…

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Bryden & Clark: Lives in the Theatre

Bryden & Clark: Lives in the Theatre by Nobby Clark, Bill Bryden Binding: PaperBack | Page extent: 112 ISBN: 9781783190836 Bill Bryden is one of the true mavericks of British … Continue reading

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