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Bud Flanagan’s Spitalfields

My Sabbatical is Over! I’m back. However, posts will not be as frequent as during the old days. Also, I’ve decided not to allow your beautiful comments partly because of … Continue reading


‘Trump’s so angry at theatre, he’s gonna…’

Trump’s so angry at theatre, he’s gonna try to build a fourth wall. — Jeeves Williams (@jeeveswilliams)November 19, 2016 //

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Quote • CAROLE LOMBARD • Humour & Egos

“Humor is nothing less than a sense of the fitness of things. Something that’s out of proportion, like an inflated ego, should strike you funny, particularly if it’s your own … Continue reading

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Dinner For One • Freddie Frinton and May Warden

Freddie Frinton is a name to conjure with. The comedian and music hall artist was often mentioned by my parents, who frequently used him as the butt of a joke about … Continue reading

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Archive Review • OLD KING COLE • Unicorn @ Cochrane Theatre • 2004

Ken Campbell’s dastardly comedy for kids, Old King Cole is a well-travelled piece. It even attracted the attention of stern-faced German academics in the ‘seventies, who saw the show’s sausage-chomping … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps 2

Photo post. Source: 5 Easy Steps 2

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Albert Evacuated by Stanley Holloway

Originally posted on First Night History:
// View image | ALBERT EVACUATED by Stanley Holloway [1890-1982] Have you heard how young Albert Ramsbottom Was evacuated from home With his mother, clean…

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The History Girls: Commedia dell’Arte – by Ann Swinfen

Originally posted on The History Girls. Even today, many novels and plays use certain recognisable archetypal characters, although they may be heavily disguised – the young couple thwarted by an intransigent … Continue reading

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Paul Whitehouse delivers.

Originally posted on Tricks and Drama:
Paul Whitehouse and Esther Coles. Bang! What the hell happened? We’ve somehow got a character based comedy show on TV. A rather good one,…

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Cartoon • Waiting for Godot • @westendproducer

With thanks to @westendproducer for tweeting this cartoon. “Godot says, ‘Running late, frown face, winky face.’”

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Sir Ian McKellen Explains How to Act!

So now we know!

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Shakespeare Masterclass from Fry & Laurie

This is a very early sketch from Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie (1984). I was not that many years out of drama school and the way that Fry behaves was just … Continue reading

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Look Back in Languor • Lynne Harvey • 17 December 2001

In this time of joy, peace, and goodwill to our neighbours, a time when Charlotte Church, Russell Watson and assorted songsters flit across our screens unendingly, we need all the goodwill we … Continue reading

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Look Back in Languor • Lynne Harvey • 4 November 2001

There was a Sci Fi film in the fifties that had aliens looking and behaving like us mortals in every way, except for limited facial movement. The only way you could tell … Continue reading

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