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As Diana Rigg’s understudy, I never tired of watching her | Margaret Drabble | Stage | The Guardian

Diana’s demeanour in real life was most unlike Cordelia’s, and her vocabulary was racy and rich. I once put one of her more colourful remarks about a fellow actress in … Continue reading


‘This is the best moment of my life,’ he said, lying in the bath: Ian Holm remembered | Film | The Guardian

  That sense of emotional ruthlessness was what made him such a brilliant Lear Richard Eyre Ian Holm was, as it was so often said, the actor’s actor. Not because … Continue reading


King Lear starring Ian McKellen review at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester – ‘intensely moving’ | Review | Carousel, Theatre | The Stage

King Lear transfers to the Duke of York’s Theatre, London, in the summer, running from 11th July to 3rd November 2018. A stunning studio version of Shakespeare’s play has an … Continue reading

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King Lear, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, review: A naked emotional spontaneity in Kevin McNally’s fine performance | The Independent

Nancy Meckler makes her debut at Shakespeare’s Globe with this intelligent, uneven, heartfelt account of King Lear. The theme of homelessness is central to the tragedy and the production heightens our sense … Continue reading

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Women taking power in Shakespeare’s plays | The Shakespeare blog

It’s been noticeable how many of the male roles being taken over by women are the powerful ones. In previous years it’s been the contemplative roles of Hamlet and Brutus, … Continue reading

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Archive Review • KING LEAR • The Old Vic • 2003

FROM THE ARCHIVE The ornate Victoriana of The Old Vic auditorium sits in stark contrast to the ultra-modern setting of the English Touring Theatre and Malvern Theatres’ production of Shakespeare’s King … … Continue reading

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King Lear — Glenda Jackson

A quarter of a century after she gave up acting for politics, double Academy Award-winning legend Glenda Jackson returns to play King Lear in Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, alongside an outstanding … Continue reading

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Black Shakespeare: Paapa Essiedu from Hamlet to Edmund | The Shakespeare blog

On 13 August it was the last performance of the latest production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. Every production of this play is notable, but particularly this … Continue reading

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Archive Book Review • PLAYING LEAR • Oliver Ford Davies • 2003

Playing Lear by Oliver Ford Davies ‘What will go next — socks or pants? The socks make you look vulnerable. And ridiculous. Yes. So it’ll be the pants?’ Oliver Ford … Continue reading

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Archive Feature • LEO McKERN • Not Just Another Pretty Face

Americans call it ‘synergy’ – others fate. That John Mortimer and Leo McKern should find in each other the perfect marriage of words to action is remarkable enough, but that … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s 1606 – Interview with James Shapiro

James Shapiro, who teaches English at Columbia University in New York, is author of several books, including 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare (winner of the BBC4 … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • IAN RICHARDSON • Part I • 2006

The Creeper and the Critics “As you’ve probably noticed, I just have to be given a little cube of sugar like a racehorse and I go,” says Ian Richardson twenty … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • CORIN REDGRAVE • Pericles • 2005

As you may have seen in the news [2005], the actor Corin Redgrave is in a critical condition in hospital after suffering a heart attack while speaking in support of … Continue reading

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Mrs Siddons as Cordelia in King Lear • 1797

– Playbill for King Lear at The Theatre, Birmingham (17th July 1797) with Mrs. Sarah Siddons as Cordelia. Don’t you just love the titles of the other productions on the bill: The … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • TIMOTHY WEST • 2003

A Proper Actor What do we mean by ‘a proper actor’? I know what I mean and its quintessence is Timothy West, a truly ensemble strolling player. His love for … Continue reading

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Not writing about Shakespeare

Originally posted on Culture and Anarchy:
I have realised that I avoid Shakespeare. I read his plays, and watch them when I get the chance, and I’m not disputing his…

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The vision of King Lear by Sam Mendes & Simon Russell Beale

Originally posted on pilar221b:
Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes (James Bond: Skyfall, American Beauty) returned to the National Theatre to direct Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) in the…

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Archive Review • KING LEAR • The Old Vic • 2003

The ornate Victoriana of The Old Vic auditorium sits in stark contrast to the ultra-modern setting of the English Touring Theatre and Malvern Theatres‘ production of Shakespeare’s King Lear which opened last … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • Stephen Unwin • English Touring Theatre • 2003

The Play as Written Stephen Unwin is energized by the unexpected panic of rehearsing an understudy for Juliet in his latest touring production of Romeo and Juliet. Due to open at the Oxford … Continue reading

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Quotes • Coral Browne • Collection

Coral Browne  (1913 – 1991) ‘Château? Shithouse!’ Coral Browne commenting on the set for a production of The Rehearsal by Jean Anouilh.  Ned Sherrin‘s Theatrical Anecdotes, Virgin 1991. ‘The quality of the writing? … Continue reading

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