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La Critique de L’École des femmes | Micheline’s Blog

L’École des femmes is a five-act play written at a relatively early date after Molière’s return to Paris. Molière had fled Paris after his first troupe, l’Illustre Théâtre, faced bankruptcy. … Continue reading


Don Juan in Soho, Wyndham’s Theatre, London, 2017 | reviewdonkey

The 17th Century version of this play closed, after only one performance, because of its repulsive and offensive nature. It was not shown in an uncensored form again for almost 150 … Continue reading

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Quote • RANJIT BOLT • Kudos for Playwrights

“Because they’re French, writers often acquire a kudos denied our own dramatists. We don’t call Sheridan ‘maître’ but he was a major genius, in another league from Molière. Just imagine … Continue reading

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Molière’s Enigmatic Comedies

Problematical Comedies Tartuffe Dom Juan Le Misanthrope Molière wrote several enigmatic comedies, but Tartuffe, Dom Juan and Le Misanthrope are the better known. All three feature masks and … Source: Molière’s … Continue reading

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Edmond Geffroy’s Molière | Micheline’s Blog

Allow me a short post. Edmond Geffroy’s FR was an actor and a sociétaire, one of the shareholders, of the Comédie-Française. But he was also an artist and the painting above is … Continue reading

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Archive Review • THE HYPOCHONDRIAC • Almeida Theatre • 2005

There’s not a lot to say about the Almeida’s latest production of The Hypochondriac, in a new version of Molière’s lavatorial farce by Richard Bean. The plot is predictable enough: … Continue reading

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On This Day • Jean Racine Born in 1639

“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” ― Jean Racine On this day in 1639 the French playwright, Jean Racine, was born. He … Continue reading

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Quote • Carlo Goldoni on his own plays

“Good, but not yet Molière.” Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793) idolised the French writer and often commented on his own successful comedies with this remark. Originally published on … Continue reading

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