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Michael Billington on Stage

Over the course of 50 years, Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington has reviewed over 10,000 productions. He is, joked National Theatre Director Rufus Norris, at tonight’s event: “The critic who’s struck more … Continue reading


The Old Vic is throwing a free party and parade for its 200th birthday

The extremely venerable Old Vic will be celebrating its double centenary this Saturday (May 12) with a series of free events, kicking off with a jolly good old-fashioned procession featuring special dance, theatre and opera … Continue reading

05/10/2018 · 2 Comments

Quote • IMELDA STAUNTON • Film Stardom

‘Well, my parents were working people. You just worked. I’ve always wanted a long career, not an instant one. I left RADA [Royal Academy of Dramatic Art], I worked in … Continue reading

02/03/2018 · 3 Comments

From Olivier’s dance of death to Picasso’s Quixote: the National Theatre’s poster power | Stage | The Guardian

An exhibition of highlights from the NT’s archive triggers memories of striking productions and shows how the poster imprints a play on the public’s imagination Source: From Olivier’s dance of … Continue reading

10/19/2017 · 5 Comments

Benjamin Whitrow obituary | Stage | The Guardian

‘Benjamin Whitrow has never given a bad performance,” said Laurence Olivier, who employed the actor in his National Theatre company at the Old Vic for seven years in the late 1960s. By … Continue reading

10/01/2017 · 3 Comments

Consent, National Theatre, South Bank, London | reviewdonkey

The reviews for this show had been so good, but it was sold out. I know that NT have a few restricted view seats that they sell at 9.30 on … Continue reading

05/08/2017 · 1 Comment

Quote • ANNE-MARIE DUFF • Saint Joan

“She’s cheeky and pert. She’s funny by accident a lot of the time. She’s got that hilarious conviction of her own invincibility, the way you are when you’re that age … Continue reading

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Rufus Norris: ‘We are living in an age of extreme selfishness’ | Stage | The Guardian

Shocked by the Brexit vote, the director of the National Theatre embarked on an ambitious countrywide listening project. Rufus Norris explains how everyone from shepherds to shop workers shaped his … Continue reading

02/28/2017 · 4 Comments

Director Howard Davies dies aged 71 –

Director Howard Davies has died at the age of 71. Directors, playwrights and the theatre community took to Twitter to pay tribute to the man who worked extensively at theatres … Continue reading

10/26/2016 · 7 Comments

Black Shakespeare: Paapa Essiedu from Hamlet to Edmund | The Shakespeare blog

On 13 August it was the last performance of the latest production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. Every production of this play is notable, but particularly this … Continue reading

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Archive Review • THE NIGHT SHIFT • BAC, London [tour] • 2005

Theatre and dreams make frequent bed fellows and their love-act is often fecund and beautiful. Strindberg’s Dream Play, revived this year in Katie Mitchell’s stunning and unsettling production at the National, … Continue reading

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In the Deep End – hello emma kay

Relationships will be the death of me. Being single in your early twenties, there’s an unspoken pressure to finding a mate. Whether you settle for Tom (or Jerry), Dick or … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day • CUTTING ICE • Fram • 2008

Tony Harrison has never trodden the conventional path. Harrison’s The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus with its dangling phalluses, his superb rendering of The Oresteia and the muscular sonority of hisThe Mysteries have … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • TANIKA GUPTA • Sugar Mummies • 2006

Playwright Tanika Gupta has a new play, Sugar Mummies, in rehearsal at the Royal Court. It starts previews on 5 August and a lunchtime chat we had planned had to … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • RONALD PICKUP • Look Back in Anger • 2006

Whichever way you look at it, Ronald Pickup’s credits are extensive. In Peter Hall’s Bath season programme, his biog for Look Back in Anger runs to two columns. Google him … Continue reading

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Post-war British theatre: Finlay, Gaskill and British Black and Asian Shakespeare | The Shakespeare blog

Almost swamped by the understandable outpouring of tributes for the late Sir Terry Wogan, the death of the fine actor Frank Finlay at 89 has passed with little attention this … Continue reading

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‘Damn fine actor’ Frank Finlay dies at 89

Star of The Three Musketeers, Othello and Bouquet of Barbed Wire died from heart failure at his home, surrounded by family The family of Frank Finlay has remembered him as … Continue reading

02/01/2016 · 6 Comments

Quote • ANNA MAXWELL MARTIN • Backstage Jealousy

‘Oh yes, people keep pulling knives on me and threatening me with guns.’ Anna Maxwell Martin when asked if there was jealousy backstage at the National because of the reception … Continue reading

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Did You Hear…? • A BILIOUS ATTACK • 2007

Did you hear about Nicholas Hytner’s ‘cri de bile’, as Nicholas de Jongh put it, against our national critics of the male variety? Although I have some sympathy with Hytner’s … Continue reading

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Archive Review • NEVER SO GOOD • NT Lyttelton • 2008

Harold Macmillan’s life in politics began after WWI. He was involved in the Suez Crisis, Britain’s first nuclear accident at Windscale, and the Profumo scandal in 1963 which brought about … Continue reading

12/05/2015 · 1 Comment

Thought for the Day • NEVER SO GOOD • A Dissenting View • 2008

After reading Evie Rackham’s notice of Never So Good on Rogues & Vagabonds, along with a lot of the press comment in the past fortnight, I’m wondering whether paying your … Continue reading

12/05/2015 · 2 Comments

Archive Event • RICHARD BEAN IN CONVERSATION • Royal Court • 2007

You know that you are in for a treat when a playwright at the launch of his latest collected volume of plays informs you that he once earned a living … Continue reading

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Cameron Mackintosh to transform West End theatre into ‘home for regional transfers’ | News, Theatre, Uncategorized | The Stage

Originally posted in The Stage. Cameron Mackintosh has unveiled his vision for the West End’s new Sondheim Theatre, which he intends turn into a home for shows from subsidised venues around … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day • ARNOLD WESKER • Open Letters • 2004

Whether you end up cheering from the aisles or closing the Pass Door in his face, so to speak, it’s always worth reading Arnold Wesker‘s writings. It is Wesker — … Continue reading

03/08/2015 · 2 Comments

Thought for the Day • WASTE • Almeida Theatre • 2008

At the preview performance I saw, Samuel West’s production of Waste was unbearably DULL and SLOW. It wasn’t just me reflecting the wasteland of my own disillusioned soul. I saw two couples … Continue reading

02/21/2015 · 3 Comments

Treasure Island, Jabberwocky and The Day After (They Went Off on One): three shows in a week

Originally posted on Katharine Quarmby:
Like most Londoners, I suspect, I don’t actually get to the theatre that often but this week was unusual. I saw three performances, ranging from…

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Archive Review • TWO THOUSAND YEARS • NT Cottesloe • 2005

Mike Leigh’s new play is his first stage work for more than a decade. It was developed, as usual, with the company performing and it is so fresh-minted that the … Continue reading

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The vision of King Lear by Sam Mendes & Simon Russell Beale

Originally posted on pilar221b:
Academy Award® winner Sam Mendes (James Bond: Skyfall, American Beauty) returned to the National Theatre to direct Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) in the…

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Review – Emil and the Detectives, National Theatre

Originally posted on A West End Whinger:
If you feel like watching the detectives you’d better find your inner child and take it along with you. Or better yet, if…

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Fifty Years Today since O’Toole’s Hamlet opened National Theatre

Laurence Olivier, June 17, 1939 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hamlet. 1963. Peter O’Toole. Rosemary Harris. Dir. Olivier. National Theatre. #fifty #NT #photography National Theatre on Facebook The National Theatre is 50 years … Continue reading

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