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The History of Race, Performance, and Drag Intersect in a Rare Photo of Thomas Dilward

TODAY IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, the southwest corner of Court Street and Remsen Street is home to a vitamin store, a law office, and a pizzeria. But in September 1862, during … Continue reading


The Tongue that Shakespeare Spoke | Culture and Anarchy

Theatre, Shakespeare, David Crystal, linguistics, Pronunciation, performance… Source: The Tongue that Shakespeare Spoke | Culture and Anarchy

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Ellen Terry with Eileen Atkins

★★★★ ‘Atkins is sublime. She is an artist at the peak of her powers. Nothing she does goes for nothing. It’s inspiring.’ The Financial Times After a sold out run during … Continue reading

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Balance and confidence: The tricky tightrope of being freelance

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? It’s tricky, being a freelancer. We need to exude confidence but avoid arrogance, appear reliable and professional, whilst maintaining a creative edginess. We have a…

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The History Girls: Commedia dell’Arte – by Ann Swinfen

Originally posted on The History Girls. Even today, many novels and plays use certain recognisable archetypal characters, although they may be heavily disguised – the young couple thwarted by an intransigent … Continue reading

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Several lives, several careers, changing form.

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Maybe it’s my greed for experience, but I’ve always wanted to lead several lives, a desire made manifest through my choice of projects and parallel careers.…

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Writing for Performance Masterclass. Ty Newydd. 9-14 Feb 2015.

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Lloyd George’s former home: Ty Newydd – writers’ centre of Wales I’m delighted to give exclusive advance notice for a residential course I will be teaching…

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A multitude of Frida Kahlos…. writing across mediums

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? Ying-Hsuan Hsieh, photo shoot for Kaite O’Reilly’s ‘The 9 Fridas’ Mobius Strip Theatre, Taipei. ‘The 9 Fridas’ is a mosaic, a collage of impressions and…

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The Art of Performing Solo • David Benson

The Art of Performing Solo The Art of Performing Solo Aim To give a thorough grounding in the techniques, philosophy and practice of developing solo material for the stage, taught from … Continue reading

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