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The gulf between rich and poor is vast and growing. Where will it end? | Trevor Nunn | Opinion | The Guardian

From the very beginning, our species behaved hierarchically, just like chimpanzees, with whom we share a common ancestor. We have always colluded in the principle that some people are much … Continue reading

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Consent, National Theatre, South Bank, London | reviewdonkey

The reviews for this show had been so good, but it was sold out. I know that NT have a few restricted view seats that they sell at 9.30 on … Continue reading

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Don Juan in Soho, Wyndham’s Theatre, London, 2017 | reviewdonkey

The 17th Century version of this play closed, after only one performance, because of its repulsive and offensive nature. It was not shown in an uncensored form again for almost 150 … Continue reading

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As a jobcentre adviser, I got ‘brownie points’ for cruelty | Mary O’Hara | Society | The Guardian

Former jobcentre adviser Angela Neville has written a play to expose the harsh reality of the benefits sanctions regime… Source: As a jobcentre adviser, I got ‘brownie points’ for cruelty … Continue reading

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Wanting the Moon – The Bread & Roses Theatre

*First London Theatrical Run* If I really had a free hand I’d wish to broadcast on my hundredth birthday,  fly round the world…Oh, I forgot — I have often wanted … Continue reading

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Sarah Bernhardt as Doña Maria de Neubourg, Queen of Spain in Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo (1878)

Ruy Blas is a tragic drama by Victor Hugo. The scene is Madrid; the time 1699, during the reign of Charles II. Ruy Blas, an indentured commoner (and a poet), dares … Continue reading

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Brighton performer leading re-discovery of “invisible woman” Clemence Dane

SHE was the first woman screenwriter to win an Oscar and two of her works hang in the National Gallery. Noel Coward was among her friends and she wrote more … Continue reading

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Ethel Barrymore for “Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines” (1901)

Ethel Barrymore (1879 – 1959) was a member of the Barrymore family of actors. Regarded as the First “First Lady of the American Theater” she and her brothers, John and Lionel, … Continue reading

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Ben Jonson’s “The Sad Shepherd; or, a Tale of Robin Hood” (1641)

Reynolds's News and Miscellany Ben Jonson (1572-1637) Ben Jonson (1572-1637) was England’s first poet laureate, and is generally regarded as England’s second most important playwright after William Shakespeare. Major works … Continue reading

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Cartoon • Waiting for Godot • @westendproducer

With thanks to @westendproducer for tweeting this cartoon. “Godot says, ‘Running late, frown face, winky face.’”

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The Singing Stones at the Arcola Theatre, London

The Singing Stones is a triad of short plays, each offering a poetic, fearless and sometimes funny exploration of women and the Arab revolutions.From the heroines of Tahrir Square to the … Continue reading

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Writer and performer Rose Collis has been awarded funding from Grants for the Arts, supported by the Arts Council England, to create a new stage play about 50s media stars … Continue reading

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Review – Emil and the Detectives, National Theatre

Originally posted on A West End Whinger:
If you feel like watching the detectives you’d better find your inner child and take it along with you. Or better yet, if…

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The Monday Cartoon: A Disenchantment (Punch, 1890s)

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