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“Immortal with a kiss” (Christopher Marlowe) | The Lost City of London

On this day in 1593, the colourful Christopher Marlowe, poet, playwright, lover of tobacco and boys, and supposed spy, was fatally stabbed in a tavern in Deptford, under somewhat mysterious … Continue reading

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Did You Know…? REFUSING HONOURS • 2004

‘I’m putting the phone down now, goodbye,’ said Alan Bennett when, following the leaked document that revealed last month that many notable people in various fields had turned down honours … Continue reading

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REVIEW- Shakespeare In Ten Acts | the Exhibitionologist

On one of the exhibitionologist’s first forays into exhibition reviewing, back in 2012, I found myself at an exhibition all about William Shakespeare. Hosted by the British Museum and accompa… Source: … Continue reading

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Why the Tory project is bust | David Hare | Politics | The Guardian

Incisive, edited version of the 2016 Richard Hillary Lecture at Oxford University given by the playwright David Hare about the parlous state of British politics. Just over 40 years ago, … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • TANIKA GUPTA • Sugar Mummies • 2006

Playwright Tanika Gupta has a new play, Sugar Mummies, in rehearsal at the Royal Court. It starts previews on 5 August and a lunchtime chat we had planned had to … Continue reading

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The Trial of Christopher Marlowe | Never Less Than Everything

I have written before about the importance of creativity in the classroom.  I believe it should be incorporated into virtually all kinds of learning, but I can give examples only … Continue reading

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Quote • EDWARD ALBEE • ‘A Terrible Drunk’

‘I used to be a terrible drunk. I insisted on setting everyone straight about what was wrong with them. And I’m told that I’d go to the theatre, and I’d … Continue reading

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On This Day • Jean Racine Born in 1639

“Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” ― Jean Racine On this day in 1639 the French playwright, Jean Racine, was born. He … Continue reading

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November 3 in Literary History: French Playwright is Guillotined

1793: Olympe de Gouges [1748-1793] is guillotined in France. A female French playwright, Gouges was also a political campaigner (a feminist and an abolitionist) who fell foul of the Revolutionary … Continue reading

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SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ‘ Brian Friel – An Obituary ‘

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“Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Originally posted on Art of Quotation:
“Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.” — Bertolt Brecht, German, poet, playwright

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Archive Event • RICHARD BEAN IN CONVERSATION • Royal Court • 2007

You know that you are in for a treat when a playwright at the launch of his latest collected volume of plays informs you that he once earned a living … Continue reading

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Writer and performer Rose Collis has been awarded funding from Grants for the Arts, supported by the Arts Council England, to write and perform in a new one-woman play about … Continue reading

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On this day in 1592 – The playwright Robert Greene died

Originally posted on Tudor Chronicles:
Robert Greene was baptised on 11th July 1558 at St George’s, Tombland, Norwich and attended Cambridge where he received a BA in 1580 and an…

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Happy 91st Birthday James Baldwin

Originally posted on Waldina:
Today is the 91st birthday of the poet James Baldwin.  The world is a better place because he was in it and still feels the loss that…

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A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life: A Digest of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Originally posted on  A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life. Richard Brinsley Sheridan is one of my Georgian idols and, since today marks the anniversary of his death, I thought I … Continue reading

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People : Nick Darke Cornish Playwright …… Cornwall In A Different Light

Originally posted on stuartshieldgardendesign:
Nick Darke born Nicholas Temperley Watson Darke (29 August 1948 – 10 June 2005) was an Cornish playwright and writer, poet, lobster fisherman, environmentalist, beachcomber, politician,…

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Christopher Marlowe In Norton Folgate | Spitalfields Life

Originally posted on Spitalfields Life Towards the end of the sixteenth century, Shoreditch and Norton Folgate comprised theatre land for Elizabethan London, with a monument in St Leonard’s Church today … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day • ARNOLD WESKER • Open Letters • 2004

Whether you end up cheering from the aisles or closing the Pass Door in his face, so to speak, it’s always worth reading Arnold Wesker‘s writings. It is Wesker — … Continue reading

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Karis Halsall interview

Originally posted on 17percent:
Photo taken during rehearsals for Karis’ show, MEGALOPOLITAN. Karis Halsall is a playwright and performance poet. She is passionate about creating theatre that pushes boundaries and blends…

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Did You Know…? CHRISTOPHER FRY 18th December

Christopher Fry: Selected Plays Did you know that the late playwright Christopher Fry was born Christopher Harris in Bristol one hundred and seven years ago on 18 December 1907? He was … Continue reading

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Quote • Thornton Wilder

‘I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is … Continue reading

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People : W Somerset Maugham, Playwright, Author, Mr Short Story Perhaps The Most Famous Ambulance Driver Ever….

Originally posted on stuartshieldgardendesign:
William Somerset Maugham (25 January 1874 – 16 December 1965) was a British playwright, novelist and short story writer. He was among the most popular writers of…

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On This Day • Quotes • OSCAR WILDE [1854-1900]

On this day—16th October—in 1854 was born the incomparable writer, poet and dramatist Oscar Wilde. To celebrate his birthday, I give you various quotes by and about him collected at … Continue reading

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Quote • Carlo Goldoni on his own plays

“Good, but not yet Molière.” Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793) idolised the French writer and often commented on his own successful comedies with this remark. Originally published on … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • BOLA AGBAJE • Gone Too Far! • Royal Court • 2008

Bola Agbaje’s first play, Gone Too Far! debuted at The Royal Court in 2006. While its arrival was a low-key affair – few of the major newspapers picked up on it – … Continue reading

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Quote • GEORGE S KAUFMAN • Other People’s Stories

“Be a little suspicious, if you’re a playwright, of play ideas. The important thing really is not that first idea, but the subsidiary ideas that support it. Unless the original … Continue reading

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First Night Design | On This Day—Maxim Gorky

Originally posted on First Night Design:
MAXIM GORKY 28 March 1868—16 June 1936 Portrait of Gorky, c. 1906 ‘You must write for children the same way you write for adults,…

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