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Victim (dir. Basil Dearden) 1961 | reviewdonkey

Victim is a classic movie in so many different ways. It is a great representative of the black and white, crime thriller, genre of the early 1960s. The storyline is … Continue reading

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Consent, National Theatre, South Bank, London | reviewdonkey

The reviews for this show had been so good, but it was sold out. I know that NT have a few restricted view seats that they sell at 9.30 on … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • THE HISTORY OF THE TROUBLES (accordin’ to My Da) • Tricycle Theatre • 2003 #Repost

First posted here on 26-04-13 Sometimes new plays have a knack of coming along at just the right time. This new play from Belfast is a real shot in the … Continue reading

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A Single Man (dir. Tom Ford) 2009 | reviewdonkey

A Single Man is a day in the life of George Falconer, who is grieving over the sudden death of his partner, 8 months prior. It is set in California … Continue reading

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Review: Orchid by Michelle Payne and Daniel Len, at Moors Bar in Crouch End

Originally posted on 17percent:
Jimmy Jameson and Michelle Payne. Imagining the future can be a hard task in your twenties; each day is beset by renewed anxiety about where you’ll…

08/30/2015 · 2 Comments

Book Review: ‘Judi Dench: Behind the Scenes’ | Writing Suzanne

Originally posted on Writing Suzanne. Earlier in the year, I was very pleased to find out that I had won a copy of Judi Dench: Behind the Scenes. This is my … Continue reading

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Review: ‘No Trees in the Street’ | Writing Suzanne

Originally posted on Writing Suzanne. No Trees in the Street, the 1959 film starring Herbert Lom and Sylvia Syms, tells the story of a family living in the overcrowded Kennedy Street … Continue reading

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Miss Julie is the debut production from The Bread and Roses Theatre Company

Originally posted on 17percent:
Miss Julie photo by Tessa Hart Miss Julie, by August Strindberg, adapted by Tessa Hart. Review by Joanna Lally.   The life of Miss Julie, the…

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A Movie is a Movie, by Darrell Ron Tuffs

Originally posted on A World of Film:
Jean-Luc Godard’s A Woman is a Woman (1961) opens like a grand theatre production, as we, the audience, are sat surrounded by darkness,…

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Acting Spotlight: Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad | Seroword

Originally posted on Seroword Breaking Bad is an acclaimed television show that ran from 2008-2013 starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Realizing his death … Continue reading

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Book Review • SO YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTOR? • Prunella Scales and Timothy West

Prunella Scales and Timothy West have distilled their wisdom and experience into one of the most valuable books for young and aspiring actors that I have read in recent years, So You … Continue reading

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Book Review • NIGEL HAWTHORNE ON STAGE • Kathleen Riley

Dr Riley is an Australian academic whose first knowledge of Nigel Hawthorne was seeing him in Yes, Minister on television. It was not until he was playing the King in The Madness of … Continue reading

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Book Review • CLOSE UP: An Actor Telling Tales • John Fraser

This is not the first time John Fraser has taken up his pen — earlier books include an engaging account of his travels through Africa performing Shakespeare — but the … Continue reading

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Review: ‘Serena’

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Top Greek Films

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Mark Bruce’s Dracula at Bristol Old Vic – Madame Guillotine

Being a bit of a goth, you can imagine how delighted I was to be asked along to the press night for Mark Bruce’s superlative and erotic reimagining of Dracula … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • BLACKBIRD • Oxford Playhouse • 2008

In 1998, almost ten years ago exactly, Gitta Sereny published a book titled Cries Unheard: the Story of Mary Bell. Sereny’s recurrent theme is the nature of evil, most often examined through the … Continue reading

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Archive Book Review • STATE OF THE NATION by Michael Billington • 2007

State of the Nation: British Theatre since 1945 Anyone interested in, involved with, or concerned about British Theatre should read this book. Tracing the development of British drama since the … Continue reading

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Book Review • A Fanny Full of Soap • Nichola McAuliffe

A Fanny Full of Soap: The Story of a West End Disaster: The Story of a West End Musical I may just have found the perfect beach read. Nichola McAuliffe … Continue reading

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Review – Blithe Spirit starring Dame Angela Lansbury, Gielgud Theatre

Originally posted on A West End Whinger:
Perhaps that should be Dame-elect. As far as we know Angela Lansbury‘s still waiting to pick up her gong. But it’s well-timed. Charity…

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Review – The Scottsboro Boys, Young Vic

Originally posted on A West End Whinger:
Phil is constantly surprised by life. After experiencing his first earthquake and returning to his hotel room, he ran a forensic check on…

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Archive Theatre Review • CORIOLANUS • RSC @ The Old Vic • 2003

Japan in the early twentieth century — a turbulent place of military incursions and unstable social order. A state of transition exists as the power is shifted from the ruling élite to … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • THE HISTORY OF THE TROUBLES (accordin’ to My Da) • Tricycle Theatre • 2003

Sometimes new plays have a knack of coming along at just the right time. This new play from Belfast is a real shot in the arm for the peace process. … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • HITCHCOCK BLONDE • Lyric Theatre • 2003

Terry Johnson has had phenomenal success dealing with some of the great icons of the twentieth century. From putting Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein in a room together to dissecting … Continue reading

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Archive Theatre Review • BRAND • RSC • Theatre Royal Haymarket • 2003

Ralph Fiennes does a great line in tortured souls: pondering the pointlessness of existence as Ivanov at The Almeida a couple of years ago, his brow equally furrowed as the ruthless concentration … Continue reading

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Theatre Review • ROAD • Swan Theatre, Worcester • tour • 2002

Welcome to the launch of Rogues & Vagabonds on WordPress.   I am gradually transferring  the articles published on my theatre site, regularly updated between 2002 and 2008, for anyone with … Continue reading

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