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Archive Interview • JOANNA McCALLUM • The Clean House [tour] • 2008

Published on the original R&V 21-04-08  Joanna McCallum is having a grand old time touring in Sarah Ruhl’s play, The Clean House, which reaches Richmond Theatre this week. Her character, Virginia, … Continue reading


Archive Review • EQUUS • Richmond Theatre [end of tour] • 2008

On the border between commercial and artistic theatre, there is a small number of established playwrights whose work migrates with surprising ease from one side to the other: Stoppard, Hare, … Continue reading

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Archive Review • WHERE THERE’S A WILL • Richmond Theatre [tour] • 2003

The French have always believed that a little sexual shenanigans outside marriage is a Frenchman’s right. Georges Feydeau made exquisite use of this accepted double standard in his farces one … Continue reading

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Archive Review • LONDON ASSURANCE • Richmond Theatre [tour] • 2008

Dion Boucicault supposedly wrote London Assurance – his debut play – when he was only 20 years old. The original manuscript took a mere 30 days, and he later admitted … Continue reading

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Archive Review • THE DEEP BLUE SEA • Richmond Theatre [tour] • 2003

Richmond Theatre remains one of the most charming theatres within reach of central London, and continues to host richly varied and occasionally great touring productions. The majority this season happen … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Oh What A Lovely War!, Richmond Theatre (Touring) ✭✭✭✭ | British Theatre

My connection is still atrocious hence my not responding to comments. Oh, What A Lovely War Richmond Theatre, as part of UK tour 12 February 2015 4 Stars It’s grouse … Continue reading

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Archive Review • THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES • Richmond Theatre (tour) • 2008

As a child, I remember spending Sunday afternoons curled up in a zebra-print blanket watching Basil Rathbone in black and white solving crimes of the most devious nature. As a … Continue reading

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Archive Review • JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN • Richmond Theatre • 2003

English Touring Theatre have a distinctive reputation when it comes to staging Ibsen. Their production of John Gabriel Borkman has not pleased everyone but never having seen the play before, Stephen Unwin’s … Continue reading

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