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At The Curtain Theatre | Spitalfields Life

When the Chorus addresses the audience from the stage at the opening of Shakespeare’s Henry V, he refers to ‘this wooden O’ – a phrase that is commonly understood as … Continue reading

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At Shakespeare’s Theatre In Shoreditch | Spitalfields Life

Over in Shoreditch, just a few minutes walk from Spitalfields, is the site of a seventeenth century playhouse called ‘The Theatre’ built by James Burbage in 1576, where William Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

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The Theatre | The Lost City of London

On this day in 1576, the actor and theatrical impresario James Burbage leased the land on which he later built London’s first play-house, known simply as “The Theatre”, in Shoreditch. … Continue reading

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In Search Of William Shakespeare’s London | Spitalfields Life

Originally posted on Spitalfields Life Ever since I visited the newly-discovered site of  William Shakespeare’s first theatre in Shoreditch, I found myself thinking about where else in London I could … Continue reading

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Christopher Marlowe In Norton Folgate | Spitalfields Life

Originally posted on Spitalfields Life Towards the end of the sixteenth century, Shoreditch and Norton Folgate comprised theatre land for Elizabethan London, with a monument in St Leonard’s Church today … Continue reading

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