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Rufus Norris: ‘We are living in an age of extreme selfishness’ | Stage | The Guardian

Shocked by the Brexit vote, the director of the National Theatre embarked on an ambitious countrywide listening project. Rufus Norris explains how everyone from shepherds to shop workers shaped his … Continue reading

02/28/2017 · 4 Comments

Owen Jones meets Michael Sheen | ‘Brexit appealed to abandoned communities’

Michael Sheen is an intelligent actor and an intelligent spokesman for what is happening in Britain. ‘Michael Sheen is a legendary actor who has played, amongst others, Brian Clough, Tony … Continue reading

11/02/2016 · 2 Comments

Quote • JULIE WALTERS • Drama in Schools

“Drama should have a place in schools. It helps with communication, vocabulary, understanding of yourself and of the wider world. Socially, politically it is really good for kids, and I … Continue reading

09/12/2016 · 5 Comments

Golden Oldies #1: Brief Encounter

I’ve always had a slight problem with Celia Johnson’s high-pitched voice but it’s never, luckily, stopped me enjoying Brief Encounter!

08/29/2015 · Leave a comment


‘Gladiators were idolised. They were the sporting hero of their time. A baby oiled titan. And yet they were hated in the same breath, they were slaves, and much lower … Continue reading

04/13/2015 · 2 Comments