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Charles Wood obituary | Stage | The Guardian

I’m sad that I missed this news in February, especially as I’m ‘Facebook friends’ with Charles Wood’s writer daughter Kate but then again I’ve spent great chunks of time not … Continue reading


Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre says 65% of roles could be made redundant | Stage | The Guardian

Illustrious venue says the government’s plans for the industry give them no ‘confidence or clarity to be able to restart any activities in the immediate future’. The Royal Exchange relies … Continue reading


Lyn Gardner: Is honesty always the best policy? | Opinion, Picks | The Stage

We’ve all been there. A friend has written, or directed, or has a role in a new production. You’ve been to see it and now you wish you hadn’t. It … Continue reading

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Henry Montague: First Shepherd of the Lambs

Just a quick shout out to honor the natal day of actor Henry James Montague (Henry John Mann, 1843-1878). Montagu came to our attention through that eerie, ghostly portrait above, … Continue reading

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On the Pivotal Thomas Mitchell: From Classics to “Columbo” | Travalanche

The great Thomas Mitchell (1892-1962) came into the world on this day (11th July). Mitchell remains well-known today as a character actor with parts in an unnaturally long list of … Continue reading

07/12/2017 · 4 Comments

The Ups and Downs of Lina Basquette | Travalanche

Lina Basquette (Lena Copeland Baskette) was born on April 19, 1907. Basquette was a star of stage and screen through several different phases but is perhaps best remembered today for … Continue reading

06/04/2017 · 1 Comment

Joseph Cotten: Courtliness Personified | Travalanche

Joseph Cotten (1905-1994) was born on May 15. The late year of his death surprised me. Cotten’s last film had been in 1981 and I couldn’t imagine him ever not … Continue reading

05/19/2017 · 1 Comment

Don Juan in Soho, Wyndham’s Theatre, London, 2017 | reviewdonkey

The 17th Century version of this play closed, after only one performance, because of its repulsive and offensive nature. It was not shown in an uncensored form again for almost 150 … Continue reading

04/03/2017 · 5 Comments

Stars of Vaudeville #1037: Charles Chaplin, Sr. | Travalanche

Born on this date in 1863: Charles Chaplin the Elder: the father of his better-known namesake, comedian and movie star Charlie Chaplin. It’s not as well known today that in … Continue reading

03/18/2017 · 2 Comments

Quote • JOHN BARRYMORE • Famous Last Words

“Die, I should say not, dear fellow. No Barrymore would allow such a conventional thing to happen to him.” These are often incorrectly cited as the last words of the … Continue reading

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Quote • PEGGY ASHCROFT • Much Ado About Nothing

‘[Sir John] Gielgud revived his own colourful, ingeniously designed 1949 production a year later, casting himself as Benedick to Peggy Ashcroft’s Beatrice. On the first night the pair drank a … Continue reading

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Quote • ALAN RICKMAN • Susan Sarandon

“Alan Rickman was an actor’s actor; courageous, generous, witty & surprising. When he laughed he lit up a room. A prince. You will be missed.” Susan Sarandon quoted in The … Continue reading

01/15/2016 · 4 Comments

Quote • ALAN RICKMAN • The Profession

“The profession should be and is a kind of relay race – about information, opinions and passions being passed on.” — Alan Rickman, Theatregoer Magazine, November 2001 First quoted on R&V … Continue reading

01/14/2016 · 3 Comments

Quote • EDWARD ALBEE • ‘A Terrible Drunk’

‘I used to be a terrible drunk. I insisted on setting everyone straight about what was wrong with them. And I’m told that I’d go to the theatre, and I’d … Continue reading

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Quote • NOËL COWARD • Oscar Wilde

“Am reading more of Oscar Wilde. What a tiresome, affected sod” Noël Coward

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Quote • ANNA MAXWELL MARTIN • Backstage Jealousy

‘Oh yes, people keep pulling knives on me and threatening me with guns.’ Anna Maxwell Martin when asked if there was jealousy backstage at the National because of the reception … Continue reading

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Quote • PETER USTINOV • Comedy and Tragedy

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious” ― Peter Ustinov

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1918 Royal Centenary Gala. Baylis to Queen Mary: ‘Your dear husband’s picture isn’t as big as Aunt Emmie’s [Emma Cons], but then he hasn’t done so much for The Old … Continue reading

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Quote • HENRY IRVING • Faust & Romeo & Juliet

‘I had seen [Henry Irving] in Faust, his blanched face appearing in the unholy light of thirty limes, a long, thin figure in red, heightened by the tall feather in … Continue reading

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‘If it’s a play about someone’s private experience, or someone’s personal problem or a family that is a bit dysfunctional, I shrug my shoulders and say so what? I’ve got … Continue reading

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Quote • KEN DODD • Comedy and Craft

‘There was more art to comedy years ago. Comics were masters of their craft. Today there are precious few places to learn that craft and far too much emphasis on … Continue reading

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Quote • MIRIAM MARGOLYES • Being Grand

“I can’t keep my mouth shut – but as long as I get what I want, I’m lovely. You can’t be grand in this business, it’s stupid. I’m genuinely democratic … Continue reading

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Quote • ROBERT DOWNEY JR • Acting

“I know very little about acting. I’m just an incredibly gifted faker.” Robert Downey Jr

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Quote • CECIL B DE MILLE • Creation

‘Creation is a drug I can’t do without.’ Cecil B. DeMille The Plainsman [DVD] [1936]

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Quote • ANNIE CASTLEDINE • Regional Theatre • 2003

‘All regional theatres are vulnerable in their programming in a way they were not in their past. They are too concerned with audience targets and what their boards will say, … Continue reading

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Quote • CORIN REDGRAVE • The Recruiting Officer • 2003

‘And The Recruiting Officer, written shortly after the battle of Blenheim, is a brilliant comedy about the way country people were exploited by members of Marlborough’s army. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Chanel on Stage

Originally posted on The Genealogy of Style:
? ? Coco is a 1969 musical with a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by André Previn, inspired by…

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Quote • Janet McTeer • Confidence

‘Put a note on your mirror saying: “Someone has to succeed – why shouldn’t it be me?”’ Janet McTeer, The Guardian, 30 January 2007.

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Writer and performer Rose Collis has been awarded funding from Grants for the Arts, supported by the Arts Council England, to create a new stage play about 50s media stars … Continue reading

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Quote • STANLEY HOLLOWAY • My Fair Lady

Stanley Holloway [1890-1982] appeared on Broadway with Rex Harrison [1908-1990] in My Fair Lady in 1957. Harrison had a reputation for being very abrupt with his fans. One night after a performance of the … Continue reading

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