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Women taking power in Shakespeare’s plays | The Shakespeare blog

It’s been noticeable how many of the male roles being taken over by women are the powerful ones. In previous years it’s been the contemplative roles of Hamlet and Brutus, … Continue reading

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Central Park hosts an all-female, naked production of The Tempest

For an actor, reeling off endless lines of Shakespeare is a demanding job. Shouting it over the din of planes, helicopters and ambulance sirens whizzing past New York’s Central Park … Continue reading

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The History Girls: The Tempest, Twelfth Night and me by Gillian Polack

Right now, my writing self and my research self are sharing the seventeenth century. I tend to think of Shakespeare as a sixteenth century writer, because a lot of his … Continue reading

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Archive Obituary • ELISABETH WELCH • 2003

The black American actress and singer  has died peacefully in Denville Hall at the age of 99, we have just heard. She was, says writer Patrick Newley, a lovely lady, … Continue reading

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Royal Shakespeare Company’s plans for 2016 | The Shakespeare blog

All the large Shakespeare organisations are celebrating the four-hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016 with events to show that Shakespeare is universal, appealing to people of all ages and … Continue reading

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July 23 1815: Hazlitt on The Tempest

Originally posted on pastnow:
On July 23 1815, William Hazlitt’s review of The Tempest appears in the Examiner. As we returned some evenings ago from seeing the Tempest at Covent…

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The Tempest: storms, schemes, and a happy end

Originally posted on MCNY Blog: New York Stories:
On May 27th The Tempest opens the Public Theatre’s annual Shakespeare in the Park season at Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre. Refresh your memory of…

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