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Balance and confidence: The tricky tightrope of being freelance

Originally posted on kaiteoreilly:
? It’s tricky, being a freelancer. We need to exude confidence but avoid arrogance, appear reliable and professional, whilst maintaining a creative edginess. We have a…

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Actress Miss Dorothea Baird (1875-1933)

This an original book-plate of the actress Dorothea Baird [1875-1933] from 1899, which I bought from collectors Vintage Views. Miss Baird first appeared on stage  in 1894 for the Oxford University Dramatic … Continue reading

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First Night Design | Maude Fealy #Actress #Postcards

Originally posted on First Night Design:
Actress Maude Fealy [1883-1971] Postcards The American actress Maude Fealy was an exquisite beauty whose career encompassed everything from stage performances in the US,…

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Artistic Interpretations of The Tempest: #3-‘Ferdinand and Miranda’ by Edward Reginald Frampton

Originally posted on A Small Press Life: Books. Art. Writing. Life. Tea.:
The Tempest is my favourite William Shakespeare play. I thought that it would be fun to share, in…

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Meet Rose Collis

Originally posted on WordMothers – for women writers & women’s writing:
Interview by Nicole Melanson ~   Rose Collis is a multi-media writer, alternative historian and performer. Originally from…

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The Theatre

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Quote • JOHN MALKOVICH • Theatre versus Film

“[Do the Oscar nominations mean anything at all?] Sure, but for me movies are like a quick sketch, a doodle. Theatre is like a painting. It involves more craft. It … Continue reading

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The one where Rachel rattles the teacups

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
It’s Rachel with a “sh”, not Rachel with a “ch”. Her full name was Elisa-Rachel Félix, but she was known to everyone by her professional…

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On this day: 1936

Originally posted on In Times Gone By…:
Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpmann photographed on the 11th of February, 1936. Royal Ballet. Source

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Don’t be an actor, my son, not even a comical one

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
AN ACTOR’S TRAGEDY “Though the world is so full of a number things, I know we should all be as happy as….” from ‘Make ’em…

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In this world and the next: a tragedy of gender and celebrity

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
“Perhaps in the next world women will be more valued than they are in this.” SARAH SIDDONS (1755 – 1831) Part Eight: Out of clay…

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In this world and the next: a tragedy of gender and celebrity

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
“Perhaps in the next world women will be more valued than they are in this.” SARAH SIDDONS (1755 – 1831)  Fanny Kemble (1809 – 1893)…

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The Prophetess and the Muse

Originally posted on SCRATCH POST:
Part Four of ROMANTIC FICTIONS AND CASUALTIES Shortly after the death of the Tragic Muse’s eldest daughter, in the same year of 1803, the artist…

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Originally posted on Coyopa : words by Tom Hirons:
If you’ve been in some kind of slumber recently, or you wandered off into a darkened room and forgot how to get…

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Mark Bruce’s Dracula at Bristol Old Vic – Madame Guillotine

Being a bit of a goth, you can imagine how delighted I was to be asked along to the press night for Mark Bruce’s superlative and erotic reimagining of Dracula … Continue reading

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King Charles III: Future History

Originally posted on Culture and Anarchy:
When (if) you think about the accession to the throne of the Prince of Wales, what do you imagine? A very different monarchy to that…

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“The Crucible” with Richard Armitage (The Old Vic)

Originally posted on pilar221b:
Travel to London is always a privilege and also a small dream come true if you have the opportunity to enjoy of the special magic…

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Archive Interview • BOLA AGBAJE • Gone Too Far! • Royal Court • 2008

Bola Agbaje’s first play, Gone Too Far! debuted at The Royal Court in 2006. While its arrival was a low-key affair – few of the major newspapers picked up on it – … Continue reading

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Twelfth Night at the Lyceum, Illustrated London News, August 16, 1884

Originally posted on The Badger's Sett:
Click to enlargeHenry Irving is pictured centre playing Malvolio. The premier actor-manager of his day, Irving had previously been more famous for his…

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Archive Interview • BETTE BOURNE • The Skin of Our Teeth • Young Vic • 2004

Bette Bourne is about to play the gypsy fortune-teller Esmeralda in Wilder’s 1942 play, The Skin of Our Teeth. We met during a lunch break from rehearsals. Bette was wearing … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • DAVID TROUGHTON • The Skin of Our Teeth • Young Vic • 2004

David Troughton appears relaxed and at ease with his new role for the Young Vic, playing George Antrobus in Thornton Wilder’s 1942 play, The Skin of Our Teeth. Entering the final stages … Continue reading

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Seeing differently

Originally posted on New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood:
Every so often, something is published online that radiates such ill feeling I take the self-preserving decision to pretend it doesn’t exist.…

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Thought for the Day • GREAT UNDERSTUDIES • 2007

If you haven’t yet seen Fiddler on the Roof at the Savoy, why not take advantage of seeing Henry Goodman’s understudy in the part of Tevye. Actor Matt Zimmerman, who is playing … Continue reading

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Charlie Ward • 14-18 NOW • Fuel Theatre • The Cinema Museum

From 23rd July until 3rd August, 2014, The Cinema Museum in London will be hosting Charlie Ward, a sound installation lasting 15 minutes.  Renowned theatre group, Fuel present Sound&Fury’s Charlie Ward in conjunction with 14-18 NOW. It is sure … Continue reading

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Orange Tree artistic director Paul Miller’s responds to 100% cut : News : The Stage

We know Arts Council England is stretched — it always is, especially when the Tories are in power — and it has made some crass decisions in the past, but to remove … Continue reading

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Quote • TOM COURTENAY • Film Star or Actor? • 2005

“I didn’t believe in [being a film star] and I didn’t trust it. I hated all the waiting about. I was young and nervous, I wanted to get on with … Continue reading

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Archive Interview • BIYI BANDELE • 2006

Biyi Bandele. Say the name out loud. Go on, try it. It has a sound as lyrical, visceral and satisfying as the author’s own writing. “That’s my vocation,” he says to … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day • PUBLIC SPACES • 2006

How does a theatre company overcome the challenge of consciously trying to be contemporary? How do you keep on being experimental in an age obese with images and irony? How can you … Continue reading

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Taking Tea with Clara Butt

Originally posted on First Night Design:
Taking Tea with Clara Butt was created in response to a challenge from the RedBubble group, Music of the Spirit, the only rules being that…

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Sir Henry (John Henry Brodribb) Irving

Henry Irving 6th February 1838 – 13th October 1905 Ellen Terry & Henry Irving – Vicar of Wakefield by FirstNightVintage Henry Irving was born John Henry Brodribb in Somerset to a … Continue reading

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