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Watch Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen Discuss Acting | Seroword


With Cate Blanchett’s newly released Carol, the two actors met to discuss topics ranging from faking accents to working with different types of directors.

Source: Watch Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen Discuss Acting | Seroword


10 comments on “Watch Cate Blanchett and Ian McKellen Discuss Acting | Seroword

  1. PJR

    Looking forward to listening to this. When I was in my salad days, McKellen’s passionate Edward II made me weep cathartic tears; now time has brought disillusion, his grisly mannerisms, hammy wizards, and neurotic self-absorption make me cry against spoiled talent and over-inflated ego. I don’t know if this means his talent – his actor’s truth – was always shallow or corroded by success and praise. (Perhaps you should disapprove this comment?) Please, gods of acting, protect the purity of the great Blanchett.

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    • First Night Design

      Wouldn’t dream of disapproving, especially as I’ve always felt that way about McKellen. If you could have heard my rant after seeing his one-man show about playing Shakespeare many years ago… He did ‘bad acting’ and ‘his acting’ – I forget which speech. You will have guessed that I couldn’t tell the difference. I think he was good in some of the early stuff on television such ‘Walter’ but that’s about it. Blanchett is exceeding special.

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  2. archecotech

    Oh, every day I have to act, the part is brilliant. The extras surround me from morning til eve, the words I speak come out unconfined and unscripted. Undisciplined and unruly these meddle sum spirits and foreign scripts throng themselves upon me. Who am I? A ESL Teacher. The best actors in the world………….maybe? Because one day all the little munchkins will have to integrate into the English speaking world whether they like it or not. Who to judge if we did our jobs well? More than likely only their paychecks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • First Night Design

      Indeed you are an actor! I’ve not done it but I had lots of acting friends who did.


      • First Night Design

        Which reminds me that one friend was teaching some munchkins and asked them if they could guess what the past tense of ‘I kneel’ might be. One bright spark came up with ‘I knole’ which I’ve loved ever since!


      • archecotech

        I always wanted to do some acting, just hated being in the limelight, it felt so uncomfortable. Was in a couple of plays when I was younger, nervous as heck.

        Liked by 1 person

        • First Night Design

          Much the best that you didn’t! It’s a heartbreaking profession and you have to be so emotionally tough to withstand the ‘slings and arrows’ of unthinking casting directors and directors. You’re much better off as you are.


          • archecotech

            Those who make it to the top must have extremely thick skin to say the least. Thanks.

            Liked by 1 person

            • First Night Design

              Yes and no. ‘Thick skin’ suggests an inability to feel or harvest emotions to play a particular part. Let’s say it’s a carapace that doesn’t always protect!


            • archecotech

              A shell within or a shell without, never the less a shell. Thankful that there is no need here, as I love myself as I am. Me!

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